• I have so many post ideas in mind that it’s been hard to complete a single one of them. So for now, enjoy a couple of random Photoshops/Pixelmators (har-har-har) that I slapped together late last year:

    Apocalypse Always

    A parody of the Apocalypse Now poster, about PMS. All images are sepia-tinted on a black background. A white woman's tear-streaked face is in the foreground. Behind her is a bright orange uterus and ovaries. In the background is a white woman lying down in pain with a heating pad on her midsection. Overlaid are a series of flying tampons. Below them is a box of OB tampons. The title is "Apocalypse Always," using the logo for Always menstrual pads.
    Working on this got me through a bad night of PMS. I mentioned to my brother that I did this, and he suggested doing a version called “Apocalypse Ow.” Did I mention that my brother rocks?

    (Note that I’ve never seen Apocalypse Now, so if I’m making fun of something sacrilegious or sensitive, I apologize!)

    This is fine. I feel fine.

    A spin on the "this is fine" meme. In the first panel, where a dog is sitting in a room surrounded by flames, there's a radio on the table with the dial tuned to 99X. The lyrics, "It's the end of the world as we know it," are floating in the air. In the second panel, the dog is saying, "And I feel fine."
    A tribute to Atlanta’s old hard rock and alternative radio station, 99X, rising from the ashes. I don’t know why it’s moved me so much, but it was the soundtrack of my undergrad years and beyond and I am SO HAPPY to have it back again. Maybe it’s just a comforting thing to fall back on as the world is in flames around us.

    That’s all for now. More soon, I promise. Lots in the works, in terms of online projects and offline endeavors (and life updates – TBA, very soon). Love and hugs, friends. ?

  • Here we go again!

    I’ve had a blog in some form or fashion for over 20(?!) years. Web design was what led me down the path from which I ultimately discovered user experience design and my current career. But with the gradual collapse of Twitter, I came across Bring Back Blogging and thought it’d be lovely to give it a go again.

    I’d like for this to be the central point, clearinghouse, etc. for everything I post, and then I’ll share posts I’ve categorized as relevant on my design portfolio, which is in need of some rebuilding to accommodate that. I’ve done some silly Photoshops (Pixelmators?) and would love to share them publicly.

    And I’m redesigning the blog page to be like a new homepage for myself, with status updates on what I’m up to as far as reading, music (last.fm, y’all! Because #SpotifyIsSurveillance), Mastodon updates, and photos (yeah, speaking of Flickr, I’m easily 5 years behind there…). Let’s bring back the early web together, y’all!

    As for what I actually talk about – who knows? I’ll try to keep them at least kind of substantive, but they’ll likely be full of fluff. I’m just tired of talking in-depth about design outside of work, especially when being fully remote at my last job blurred the lines between my professional and personal lives. But I have plenty of other interests I love to gush about, so maybe I’ll remind myself to write about them in a longform fashion here, instead of threading together Mastodon posts (no, I’ll never call them “toots,” haha).

    Be well and stay awesome, my lovely friends. 🙂


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